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Small Business Talk: Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations

For the dedicated dog owner who loves to pamper their partner, Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations provides natural, healthy, delicious dog treats of both the everyday and special occasional variety. Emmy shared with us some of her knowledge and background getting started. Why did you start your business? I started my business in order to make treats that were healthy for my girls.  That was at the time that there was so much information out about the ingredients in treats coming into the country from China and the multiple recalls. When my girls and their friends liked my treats, I...

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Small Business Talk: Patriot Threads

Why did you start your business? Background:  It was the fall of 2015 and 17 year old Brady Fernandes was finishing up his shift as a retail clerk at Kinnucan’s Outfitters, where he had been employed for the last two years, when his idea for a line of apparel came to him as he was putting inventory away. He had been tasked with coming up with a plan for his Capstone Project, which is a requirement for every student to graduate from Christian Academy of Knoxville. The idea is to do something that you have an interest in that...

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Small Business Talk: Alignment Professionals

We spoke with Pat Haney about Alignment Professionals, the local alignment shop she owns with her husband Derrill. Mr. and Mrs. Haney have a wealth of experience running their business over the years, and I thought Pat had some great insights about how to make a small business stand out among larger corporate chains and offer something really special to their customers, as well as the yin and yang of challenges and satisfaction that comes with the territory. Why did you start your business? My husband was an alignment technician who became a business owner because he developed a...

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Small Business Talk: SoKno Taco Cantina

SoKno Taco Cantina is a new taco restaurant set to open in a few weeks in, appropriately, South Knoxville. We spoke with owner Ryan Steffy about his plans for the new restaurant, what got him into tacos in the first place, and his goals for his new business and the community around him. Why did you start your business? We love the restaurant business! It’s an opportunity to bring together and help communities (and have fun at the same time). For that reason, we are very excited to be opening SoKno Taco Cantina in South Knoxville. This is a...

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Kolaches in Knoxville?

Many years ago I lived in Texas where I became fond of a savory little stuffed yeast roll known as Kolache. When I left Texas to come back to Tennessee, I searched high and low for these tasty treats with no luck. But that changed when I was cruising Facebook and saw that one of our favorite local bakeries was adding a selection of these mid-west favorites to their menu of fresh baked goods. If you’re not familiar with kolaches the sweet type is a small yeast bread product with a dimple pressed into the middle and filled with...

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