Many years ago I lived in Texas where I became fond of a savory little stuffed yeast roll known as Kolache. When I left Texas to come back to Tennessee, I searched high and low for these tasty treats with no luck. But that changed when I was cruising Facebook and saw that one of our favorite local bakeries was adding a selection of these mid-west favorites to their menu of fresh baked goods.

If you’re not familiar with kolaches the sweet type is a small yeast bread product with a dimple pressed into the middle and filled with some variety of fruit filling. While the savory variety is usually is more like a yeast roll filled with sausage, bacon, eggs, jalapenos, cream cheese, etc. The savory kolache is actually a klobasnek but throughout the mid-west both the sweet and the savory types are all sold under the single name kolaches. Regardless of what you call them, VG’s in West Knox is now making fresh varieties of both sweet and savory. On a recent visit, we picked up some bacon and scallion and some jalapeno poppers, pictured above.

Up until last week, I had to drive to Johnson City to get my kolache fix. No more! Get by VG’s and give these tasty little savory or sweet pockets a try. You might just develop a new breakfast routine!